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I remember back maybe ten years when had the best coneys around the area.  I had a chance to stop in one for the first time in quite a while last month.  The was horrible!  Hot only that, I find that the menu was completely changed.  It was still the classic All American lineup of burgers, hotdogs, and fries, but the look of all the foods was completely different than what I had remembered.  Apparently, A&W completely changed the menu at some point in time.  Now, the famous root beer is still the same.  Thank goodness for small favors, but what happened to the menu?  Now since then I happen to go into another A&W.  Not because I was looking forward to the new offerings, but because there was simply nothing else around.  This A&W had the classic menu I remembered!  What’s up with that?  Did the franchises have an opportunity to reject the change?  Clearly I have to do a little bit of digging around to figure this out.  I’ll report out later when I get to the bottom of this thing.

Here’s an image that shows the menu that is different than I remember.  If you look closely at the , you can even see that the sauce doesn’t have the consistancey that I remember.  In the picture, the sauce appears much more clumpy and that’s what I found when I ate it.  Not good!

A&W Menu

A&W Menu

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