Bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors lose customers when they go legit

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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Interesting article about how a (Caleb Zigas) saw declining sales when forced to use an enclosed van to cook her bacon wrapped dogs.  When she placed a in front of the van, sales more than tripled!  

The fancy trailer became mostly a backdrop. It was the best of both worlds — the permit from the truck, but the visible grill (and the smells) people expect. Her business shot up to $150 on a good day.

She goes on to explain that vans just aren’t “gritty” enough…

“The reason you buy a bacon-wrapped hot dog off the street is they’re gritty, and there’s nothing gritty about pretty machines”

This sort of A-B testing is what makes the difference between a vendor just getting by and truly being successful.  You need to adapt to your surroundings and your customers.  If they like the smell of cooking, give it to them!  Caleb also runs an incubator kitchen to help get started.  I wish there were something like that in my area.  Hey!  Maybe I should start one myself! 

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