First Vending Cart Patent

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I was playing around with the new Google Patents search feature and thought I’d try to find the first .  I found this one which is titled Vending Cart from 1926.  The inventor is Frances E. Coffey from Kansas City.  The cart has provisions for an ice box, cooking plate, steam table, and several storage bins.

car-side-viewI Googled Frances Coffey to see if he invented any other neat vending gizmos but apparently this was the only thing he patented.  Other than a few things, this invention is abazingly similar to carts in use today.  I don’t see an umberella in any of the photos though but then again a patent wouldn’t necessarily show one since it’s not part of the patent itself.








 The top view here shows the layout of the cart burners and hot plate. 










A little more searching and I was able to find something else this is called  Peddlers Stand but quite honestly, I can’t for the life of me figure out how this things is suppose to work.  It’s sort of like a bicycle with now pedals.  I guess the vender is suppose to push himself around with his feet or something.  This device was invented before the Vending Cart from above.  It was patented in 1924.  While it’s older than the first one, I’m not sure that you can say this is a hot dog vending cart.  I would love to see a photo of one of these in action because I just don’t know how a person could stand in this thing and balance all the food while trying to cook!


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