Hot Dog Profit Model

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Interesting data I saw over at TopDogCarts.  I’d be interested in seeing this table expanded over the initial cost of the equipment.  I don’t know that an “elcheapo” cart that you could do 100 dogs a day would be capable of doing 300 dogs a day.  There may be some upgrades to improve your hotdog making capacity that you may need to consider in order to perform at this level.  Extra cooking surface, extra propane storage, etc.

Qty Sold/Day100150200250300350
Average Vend - Total$4.50$4.50$4.50$4.50$4.50$4.50
Average Vend - Cost
Hot Dog / Sausage$.35$.35$.35$.35$.35$.35
Chips / Cookies$.20$.20$.20$.20$.20$.20
Total Cost / Vend-$1.17-$1.17-$1.17-$1.17-$1.17-$1.17
Total Profits / Vend$3.33$3.33$3.33$3.33$3.33$3.33
Total Daily Sales$450$675$900$1125$1350$1575
Total Daily Cost$117$175.50$234$292.50$351$409.50
Net Profit / Day$333$499.50$666$832.50$999$1165.50
Per Week (5 days)$1665$2497.50$3330$4162.50$4995$5827.50
Per Month (4 weeks)/$6660$9990$13,320$16.650$19.980$23.310
Per Year (52 weeks)$86,580$129,870$173,160$216,450$259,740$303,030
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