How to Become a Hot Dog Vendor in 4 Steps

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Considering a career in hot dog vending? Here’s how to become a hot dog vendor in 4 painless steps.

Step 1: Street Licence

 You will have to check if a licence is required within your area in order to become a street seller. In order to do this, the easiest way is to contact your local government office, or city civic center, and they should be able to explain to you the their requirements for street merchants.

Step 2: Health Licence  In order to sell any products or food, you will need a qualified health licence in order to legally conduct business. You can receive a health license from the department of health within your local area. The only necessary procedures to attain this health licence is that you will be subjected to routine health department inspections, and follow all current requirements, which vary by city and state, to keep your food cart up to code.

Step 3: Hot Dog Cart You will require a cart in order to become a hot dog vendor. (Obviously!). However it is important that you check that the cart you are about to purchase has enough space to store all the supplies needed in making the hot dog (buns, wieners, mustard and ketchup). You will have to therefore estimate how many you will be selling a day. You will also want a refrigerated section to store cold drinks or frozen wieners and maybe a bun warmer to keep your food hot and appealing to customers.

Step 4: Buy in Bulk Now it’s time for shopping. The best way to save money is to buy in the bulk from discount wholesalers, which will help you save a lot of money. However, be careful not to buy too much as this may lead to waste in food products, either from over-purchasing or some food options being unpopular with customers. Plan and forecast before you make any big purchases – this is a business as much as any multi-million dollar corporation!

Now that you have an overall plan of what you need to know, get down to business and fill in the holes in your knowledge to get your business up and running as fast as possible. There’s no time like the present.


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  1. Hi i’m thinking about being a hot dog vendor, i have always wanted to do this since i was young. Now that i have been laid off why not start my dream. I live in Corona Ca. hopefully you can guide me in the right direction.

    Thank you
    Javier Lozano

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