License and Fees Associated with the Hot Dog Business

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Dreammaker Hot Dog Cart

Dreammaker Hot Dog Cart

When starting a there are cost that you will endure just as you would with any business. These are the four main cost associated with the legals aspect of the business.

The first thing you should take care of is getting your food handlers permit. You will need this before you will be issued a state license or city permit. The food handlers permit is the same one you would be required to obtain if you were going to work in any food establishment. It is usually issued by the health department after you complete the necessary class. The classes are given at various times through out the month are available at different health departments. Check for the time and date that is best for you. The class last for about four hours. After the class there is a test to make sure you understood the material covered. In the state of Oklahoma the permit is good for three years.

After you have your permit and have purchased your hot dog cart, you are ready to make an appointment with the state health inspector. The inspector will make sure your cart is up to code (NSF standard), you have your food handlers permit and make sure you understand the rules of the state. After paying the licensing fee you are issued your permit. The license in Oklahoma is $450 and last one year.

City permit may be required, depending on the city you will operate. The state license covers any city but they may have additional regulations and fees. The city where I sell hot dogs requires a $55 permit that last for 5 months and also written permission from any property owner that I may be vending from.

Another cost that you may want to check into is insurance. Although this may not be required by your city or state, the property owner where you operate may want you to obtain insurance. This will protect you if a customer were to get food poisoning, burned on your cart or any other liability issues. Our cost for a $500,000 policy is $450 per year.

The next fee is a State Sales Tax permit. This permit does two things. It gives you the number in which you will be paying your sales tax on. Each month you will be required to report how much you have sold and then pay the taxes on that amount. Also the tax permit will let you purchase business related items without paying sales tax.

Be sure to take care of all your licenses and fees before operating so that you don’t encounter additional cost with penalties.

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