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Jan 22nd, 2011 | By | Category: Blog

Well folks, if you hadn’t noticied, I had to pull the plug on the Forum.  I have to declare that the spammers won the war over the Simple Machines forum I was using.  It became too much of a hassle to sort out the legit posts from the ones.  I apologize if you had an open question or comment on the forum when I pulled the plug.  I’m currently experimenting with another Forum package that is showing some promise.  If all goes well with my testing, I should have it installed here within the next week. 

Here’s a peak at what it looks like on another website that I manage for a customer.  Chipaxe Forum  I just installed it there a little while ago so there are no posting yet except the Forum Rules.  The beauty of this forum is that it’s integral to WordPress in that you only need to register for the blog and you can post both on the blog and on the forum.

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  2. Hello everyone

    Is there any forum or blog for soon to be hot dog vendors (carts) on this site? I would like to learn some tricks and need your help in trying to get health certs, licensing and permits – also tips on hot dog vending. Thanks

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