Hot Dog Stand for Sale!

Jul 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Blog, Carts

If you’re selling a hot dog stand, drop me a line using the contact form.  I have several people currently looking for opportunities to get started and would be interested in what you have.  I’ll need to know the manufacturer of the cart, specs, photo’s, age, and anything else that may be helpful to a potential buyer of the cart to make a decision.  Oh…and of course what you’re asking price is.

If the folks that are looking for a either lose their interest in the hot dog vending business or have found another cart, I’d be glad to host your classified ad for your cart at no charge.

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  1. I have an All American food cart for sale it has3 burners and a griddle, measuring 48 by 48 will drop price to $3700 has a thermal couple and double shelf weight about 350lbs can fit into small spaces and is self contained. I’m in Columbus Ohio my email is trumbernick1 will also provide training if local phone 614 578 7793 . Pictures can be seen on used carts . Thanks. Dane

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