Natural Casing Hot Dogs

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As with virtually all sausages, dogs must be in a casing to be cooked. Traditionally, this casing is made from the thoroughly cleaned small intestines of sheep, and the products are known as “” hot dogs or frankfurters. These kinds of hot dogs are preferred by some for their firmer texture and the “snap” that releases juices and flavor when the product is bitten.

Kosher natural casings are difficult to obtain in commercial quantities in the US, and therefore kosher hot dogs are usually either skinless or made with reconstituted collagen casings.

Popular brands that have natural casings are Sabrett, Smith, Jordan, and Vienna.

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  1. I live in ocala fl. and have been selling hotdogs part time. trying to do car shows and events. where can i get the good natural casing dogs like the viena wholesale. we can get a lot of theses at the supermarket,but prices are too high. thanks ron

  2. you can buy them directly from the company. go on there web site and the link is there.

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