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This article is a few weeks old but I think it’s still worth mentioning.  Hot Dogs with is an organization that Gene Hildreth started while working his full time job as a business broker.  If you’re struggling with trying to figure out how to start your business while keeping your day job, you should read how this guy did it.  It’s amazing how when you really set you mind to it, you can do almost anything.  I’ve read before that if you focus on how to help other people succeed, you’ll suceeed as well.  Well, here’s a guy that’s making that happen and I think you can do this as well.  Do you think young folk would like to do something like this in your area?  Of course they would!  This is REAL experience here.  Working on an hot dog cart involves many skills that young people need.  In this model they’re working in an entrepenarial role as well.  Love it!  I’ll be keeping an eye on this one and you should too.

It’s actually a hot dog cart, purchased for $4,500, deployed across greater Tucson to create work experiences and self-esteem for young people who have been dealt a hard hand.

Gene was able to find a way to start his business and help kids at the same time.  Absolutely brilliant!  Do you see how this could work in your area?  If you don’t, look again.

He has a day job, working as a business broker with Rincon Ventures. Hildreth knew he didn’t want to run the cart himself. So he called Youth On Their Own, and asked – “do you have kids who would want to learn how to run a ?”

Where I’m excited is that the old excuse of “I don’t have enough time to run a hotdog with my current job” is now broken.  Sure, you’ll have to spend some time but with this method you don’t have t man your cart yourself.  You can offer to help kids get a start and sell your dogs at the same time.  Sure, you’re not going to make as much money but the ability to leverage yourself is huge.  How many carts could you run if you had someone else taking care of the day to day on each one? 

The article goes on to explain that the agencies that were contacted “thought it was like a blessing”.  I see something huge in this model and plan on doing a little more investigating and you should too.

Here’s the link to the SOURCE article and a link to Hot Dogs with Heart

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