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Meats has been around since the early 1900’s.  It’s founder, Alber , came to Flint in 1916.  The auto industry was just getting off the ground back then and it’s growth help grow as well.  By the mid 1930’s had enough business to build a plant to produce it’s meats.

Today Koegel produces about thirty-five different products. They are sold almost exclusively in Michigan with a small percentage going to Toledo, Ohio. The business continues to grow as new stores and territories are added. Additionally, Koegel products have a taste and texture that usually keeps customers buying once they try the product. They’re slogan…”Made Up To a Quality…Not Down to a Price” says it all. Today the products are still made using the same recipes and processes that Albert Koegel learned and developed.

Another unique aspect of Koegel Meats business is that they deliver to each individual store. Delivering to each store allows Koegel to place a shelf life on its products which is approximately half of its competitors. This helps to ensure that the end customer is eating a fresh product.

For the hot dog vendor, it would be helpful to be affilated with a butcher as a commisary so that they could order the for you. 

Thier website is at http://www.koegelmeats.com.

Their Products Include

Koegel Meat Products

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