Oscar Mayer

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In 1904, the Mayers became one of the first meat packers to brand their products. At first, they used the name “Edelweiss,” for a white flower that grows in the mountains of Germany.


They stamped it on rinds of bacon slabs, and printed it on boxes of pork sausage and on lard pails. Over time, they used other brand names like “Moose” (for baker’s lard and heavier bacon), “Approved Brand,” and “Meats of Good Taste.” Finally, in 1929, the brand name of was first printed on Oscar Weiner packages and has been used ever since.


Besides having one of the first recognized meat brands, the Mayers were also among the first to have their products federally approved. In 1906, the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) was created to ensure the purity of food products, and the Mayers were among the first to volunteer for inspection.

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