Wood Fired Oven Trailer

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Hats off to Angus and Andrew Davidson who filed a for a oven trailer last year.  This things is pretty cool!  I’d love to see some pictures of the real thing but at the moment I’ll settle for the figures that are provided in the patent.   Here’s the link to the patent if you would like to read about it a little more—>LINK

As you can see, its pretty long.  It has to be if you want the ability to store your wood on board.  I can see something like this being very popular at curbside.  Give the Abstract a read…

The present invention relates to a transportable wood-fired oven trailer which is mountable to a towing vehicle, and can be modified in certain aspects between “transport” and “operational” modes. The trailer has increased manoeuvrability in particular when reversing and also increased…

I did a little searching around and I couldn’t find a real picture of this thing.  I was hoping that it was in production somewhere but not quite yet it seems.  I did find a picture of a portable pizza oven but that’s not my thing.


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